You can play hundreds of PlayStation 4 games on your PC with this new emulator

You can play hundreds of PlayStation 4 games on your PC with this new emulator

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  • Spine is a PS4 emulator for Linux that is currently in private development, however, a beta demo has been accessible for some time. According to its creator, it is the first publicly available PS4 emulator that can run commercial games.

  • recent news might excite a lot of gamers who have always wanted to try PS exclusives on the PC. Spine, a closed source PS4 emulator for Linux that has been in private development since 2019, recently completed its first full public release earlier this month, replete with a new compatibility list that includes hundreds of titles.

Compatible PlayStation 4 Games Spine devs have opted to keep the emulator closed source for the time being in order to avoid a proliferation of forks, which might dilute the work at a stage this early. Having said that, sections of the source can be accessible on the demo Github.

In other words, don’t expect to be playing God of War or Spider-Man: Miles Morales on your PC any time soon. And just because a game technically runs doesn’t mean it works flawlessly. For instance, you can play Sonic Mania in Spine, but the color palette looks trippy even for Sega’s blue blur.

While Spinedev’s pushed far beyond what they had working in Spine’s 2019 demo, most of what the current compatibility list labels as working “ingame” (one word) are smaller 2D titles that already have their own proper PC releases.


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