Xiaomi has a nifty new cooling system that we don’t expect to be overwhelmed

Xiaomi has a nifty new cooling system that we don't expect to be overwhelmed

Tech Highlights:

  • Xiaomi says that the new technology works on a similar principle to a vapor chamber (VC) liquid cooling system — like we saw on the iQOO 7 Legend — where a working fluid is recycled through a closed-loop system. During heavy tasks, the evaporator’s refrigerant will vaporize, pulling heat away from phone components in the process. The gas then travels through a tube until it finds its way to the condenser, where it turns back into liquid, and the cycle repeats itself.

  • For years, smartphone manufacturers have been attempting to extract maximum performance from their handsets, whether in the quest of ultra-smooth gaming or chart-topping benchmarks. However, considerable power comes with a lot of heat (OnePlus had to slow their 9-series smartphones to keep the Snapdragon 888 from overheating). Traditional heat pipes and thermal paste can assist a lot, but will we need more complicated cooling solutions for our phones as chips become more powerful? Xiaomi appears to believe so, and has introduced its sophisticated Loop LiquidCool Technology to that aim.

With this new design, Xiaomi has also included a Tesla valve structure that permits liquid to move in one direction while preventing gas from going in the opposite, unlike traditional vapor chambers that allow two-way gas movement. This should improve the efficiency of the technology, with claims of up to a 30 percent reduction in air passage resistance and a 100 percent increase in heat transfer capacity compared to VC.

The prospect of smartphone cooling technology that uses Tesla valves to prevent the backflow of evaporated gas is pretty darn interesting. However, we still have some time to wait before we can check this out for ourselves, as Xiaomi says it will start bringing Loop LiquidCool Technology to its products in the second half of 2022.

Those sound like some pretty aggressive numbers — so where do they come from? Xiaomi took its existing MIX 4 phone and basically replaced the original vapor chamber with the new Loop LiquidCool solution. It claims that during 30 minutes of Genshin Impact gameplay at 60fps, the device only hit a max temperature of 47.7℃, effectively keeping the processor 8.6℃ lower than with VC.

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