Xbox Series X expected to come with AMD GPU with advanced features

Rumors continue to emerge as Microsoft and Sony train to launch their next generation consoles this year. This time, the grapevine whispers about the Xbox Series X partnership with AMD, which could give PS5 graphics an edge, according to a Reddit user (via Neowin). The Xbox Series X can be equipped with AMD’s RDNA2 GPU, which must be electrified with hardware-accelerated lightning tracking functionality and increased energy efficiency. We have not verified this information, so prepare your salt tablets.

With enhanced ray-tracking technology, you will be immersed in a picturesque world, where shadows and light reflect reality more than ever; Puddles, for example, will appear more visually accurate with the increased intelligence of ray tracing to create natural perspectives for reflections and depth of field. But this is a shame for the PS5, as it is rumored that Sony will not be able to power its next-generation console with advanced AMD technology.

“RDNA2 was apparently developed exclusively for Microsoft and Radeon GPUs. This suggests that Sony will not be able to include RDNA2 hardware on the PlayStation 5, ”wrote Neowin. The implementation of AMD’s discovery of AMD with DirectX beam is reportedly 30 to 50% more powerful than Nvidia’s technology. Microsoft and AMD reportedly release Xbox Series X demos that show RDNA2’s lightning-tracking capabilities; these demos will include a racing game released by Turn 10 Studios.

The companies will also perform Azure beam tracking – powered by RDNA2 – which will perform lightning tracking functionality on any device connected to the web. Variable Rate Shadow (VRS) technology, which was added to the racing game Forza Horizon 4, it will also gain prominence with Microsoft and AMD’s push for graphics innovation. According to Nvidia, VRS is a “feature that increases performance and rendering quality by varying the speed of shading for different regions of the frame”.

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