Xbox gold games schedule for February 2023

News Summary:

  • Teams must choose to band together to ensure safety or split up to cover a wider area. Released a bit late in 2021, Guts N Goals blends top-down soccer action with side-scrolling action gameplay. Playable locally or online, players compete in the most violent version of the world’s most popular sport. New games on the horizon also means that Games with Gold will soon be shutting down in January. So download the dark puzzle game Iris Fall and the resource management simulator Autonauts before it’s too late.

  • Microsoft has announced that its February 2023 Xbox Games with Gold lineup will include For the King and Guts n Goals. Two Games with Gold deals announced at Xbox Wire are available to anyone with either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, with For the King first running February 1-28, Guts N Goals will be available from February 16th to 28th. It will be available on March 15th. First released in 2018, For the King is a roguelike RPG that lets players explore procedurally generated levels to avenge the slain king. For the King can be played solo or in online and local multiplayer.