Xbox gives you five months of Game Pass for free! Is it a scam or not?

Xbox gives you five months of Game Pass for free!  Is it a scam or not?

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  • However, considering the letter came from Xbox, it appears to be genuine based on the photographs provided on Reddit. However, there is one cautionary note beneath the Xbox message.

  • Because it’s impossible to know if the offer is genuine, several theories have circulated that the free Xbox Game Pass is a hoax.

The warning “This message contains unknown content” may be seen in the screenshot. If you’re still unsure, the best thing you can do is contact Microsoft’s Xbox support team to double-check if you’re one of the lucky All-Star Gold members.

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In other news, Apple and Microsoft are allegedly closing a deal, which might bring back Xbox-exclusive games. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox poster “Red Ring of Death” goes on sale.

They could, however, use EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, and Microsoft’s cloud service to access the available titles across multiple devices.

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is available for (dollar)14.99 per month.

However, the massive tech company offers a one-month free trial to newcomers.

However, with Christmas approaching, Microsoft appears to be giving away the popular gaming service for free. Specifically, the massive software company is now picking lucky Xbox Gold subscribers to receive a free five-month subscription to Game Pass.

5 Months of Xbox Game Pass for Free? Consumers have shared screenshots of Xbox messages in their inboxes, according to the latest report from Pure Xbox.

Based on their social media posts, Microsoft is giving away five months of Game Pass for free. According to newly released documents, Microsoft turned down a pitch to put ‘GTA 3’ on the first Xbox.

“Got this message from xbox today, not sure what it means by your remaining gold time will carry over on a 1:1 basis… can someone please explain?” Reddit user Its_A1pha 15 wrote. Many gamers expressed their delight in the comments section.

Meanwhile, some of them are perplexed as to why they have yet to receive Microsoft’s offer. Naturally, rumors circulated in the Reddit post’s comment section.

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