WPad1, the first Android 12 tablet, is released by Headwolf

WPad1, the first Android 12 tablet, is released by Headwolf

Tech Highlights:

  • According to official GOOGLE News, Android 12 is the biggest design change in the history of Android. The introduction of a new design language, Material You, brings more innovation to individual designs, from wallpapers, interfaces, and components to notification bars. Privacy management, video transcoding capabilities, multichannel audio, a new accessible human-computer interaction method, specially optimized to adapt to application scenarios on large screens, the tablet is more comfortable to apply.

  • Following the launch in May, the well-known electronics company Headwolf unveiled two tablets: the 8.36-inch HPad1 and the 8.4-inch FPad1. All international sales platforms have praised it for its accurate location, fashionable shape, and affordable pricing, and various well-known media celebrities from Europe, Japan, and the United States have taken part in the reviews of the previous two goods. Chris Chen, the CEO of Headwolf, claims that it will be the company’s first tablet to run Android 12. The WPad1 is the most affordable Android 12 tablet available, concentrating on the 150 USD consumer market.

Chris reveals that WPad1 also has a major surprise as it is equipped with GOOGLE KIDS SPACE global education system. GOOGLE KIDS SPACE supports 100 + languages automatically switching so that children in more than 150 countries around the world to learn online without barriers. 10000 + real-time update resource library. You can flexibly choose your favorite categories according to your interests. To prevent children from getting addicted to electronic products, WPad1’s KIDS SPACE has an intelligent parental console. Once in the child mode, it’s impossible to exit the learning platform and access any other applications without parental authorization, and meanwhile, it can monitor the learning hours of the child in each learning module, which is a blessing for children around the world.

To perfectly harness the title of the king of cost performance, WPad1’s other hardware configurations are not left behind. WPad1 uses a metal body with rounded edges and a narrow 7 mm bezel to better fit the curvature of the palm, and is also equipped with a front 800W, rear 1600W ultra-clear camera system with 128G high-capacity storage. Headwolf WPad1 will be launched on July 20th on banggood, the world’s leading cross-border e-commerce platform. Please consult the official website for details.

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