Wow! ASUS Laptops and Chromebooks are available on Amazon for just $ 99

Wow!  ASUS Laptops and Chromebooks are available on Amazon for just $ 99

Tech Highlights:

  • Running the gamut from a 15.6” refurbished ASUS ROG Zephyrus M Gaming Laptop ($1349.99) to this $99 ASUS Notebook, this sale has an ASUS for everyone. Along with a killer battery life and HD flip screen, this refurbished ASUS Chromebook Flip ($479.99) is powered by 4GB RAM along with 64GB flash storage for a laptop that holds its own when compared to more expensive brands.

  • For Millennials who remember when computers were the price of a semester of college and an entire family’s internet access was dictated by a single phone line, seeing a brand new ASUS Chromebook for under $129.99 felt almost too good to be true. Almost. I’m guessing that’s what the suits at Woot! were thinking when their reptile overlords told them to put these ASUS Laptops and Chromebooks on sale.

For gamers, digital nomads, or someone looking for a glorified Facebook machine, Woot!’s sale on ASUS Laptops and Chromebooks has you covered. Sign up for Morning Briefing newsletter. Get must-read local news and analysis from a source you can trust. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of use and acknowledge that your information will be used as described in our Privacy Policy. Jeremy Glass is a freelance writer living in Vacationland with his wife, daughter, and pup. Give his website a read at

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