Worst video game films ever

Worst video game films ever

Points Highlighted:

  • Although this action-horror was supposed to be a thing to put the audience into the shoes of paranormal investigators fighting a supernatural threat, it ended up like the butt of a non-existent joke and became the joke itself.

  • Thing is, it is a bad adaptation of an already bad game, and not only bad, but in many people’s minds, the worst. In fact, the story, dialogue, and special effects, as well as Tara Reid’s performance, were so bad, that they have made the movie get into virtually every list of the worst films ever made.

It is definitely not a surprise that Alone in the Dark earned only $12.7 million at the box office, even though it took $20 million to make.

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Written by Plamena Katsarova on behalf of GLHF.

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