Worldwide TV market share of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics exceeds 50%

LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics' Global TV Market Share Exceeds 50%

In the first quarter of this year, Korean companies took over half of the global TV market and made their mark. LG Electronics is the leader in the high-end TV market in the first quarter of this year with more than twice the number of OLED televisions shipped compared to the same period last year.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading manufacturer, also sold 10 million QLED TVs this year thanks to strong sales of its new Neo QLED product. According to a survey by market research company Omdia on Tuesday, shipments of LG OLED televisions totaled 79,200 units in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 116 percent over the same period last year, the highest sales record of the first quarter.

Samsung Electronics, which held number 1 in TV sales for 15 years in a row, had a market share of 32.9 percent in the first quarter due to strong sales of premium QLED and new Neo-QLED televisions also first place. Samsung Electronics’ market share is also the highest in the first quarter.

Samsung Electronics sold a total of 11,615,000 units in the first quarter, which corresponds to a volume increase of 11.1 percent compared to the previous year. The world market share of the two companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics was 52.1 percent in the first quarter, with Chinese companies being overtaken and making up the majority.

In the first quarter, a total of 2,680,000 QLEDs were sold on the world television market, an increase of 74.3 percent compared to 1.54 million units in the same period of the previous year. Samsung Electronics’ sales volume is around 2,010,000 units. In the first quarter, pent-up demand continued from the second half of last year, with a total of 51,225,000 units sold in the global television market.

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