World of Warcraft is about to shock us with its first ranged support class, I think

News Summary:

  • Admittedly, the evidence for specialization in the ranged support class is scant, but it seems to fit the direction MMOs are heading these days. The entire Dragonflight expansion is planned as a return to the game’s high fantasy roots, and Blizzard continues to add features players have been asking for for years.

  • For years, World of Warcraft players have wanted a non-healer class that could combine support and DPS to help their allies from afar. Recent data from his upcoming 10.1 patch for the game suggests the wait may be nearly over.

A new race and class in the Dragonflight expansion, his Dractyr Evoker has only two specializations of his: Healer and DPS. Most wow classes have three. For example, a paladin can become a healer, DPS, or tank. While it’s not uncommon to only have two specializations (poor Demon Hunter), Dractyrs has a strong narrative reason why he has a third specialization.

Wowhead datamined his 10.1 quest yesterday. This makes it look like the Dractyrs will soon get a new specialty. The ongoing quest text literally indicates that the Dractyr player will get a popup saying “New specialization saved”. WoW doesn’t use the word “specialization” elsewhere, so if this isn’t a bug, it must indicate a new role for Evoker.

In patch 10.1, one of the original Warcraft villains, he delves into the origins of his Dractyrs, a race of dragon-human hybrids created by Deathwing (aka Neltharion). You may remember him as the dragon that devoured Azeroth in his Cataclysm expansion in 2010. Dractyrs have their own ability to blend the various Dragonflight powers in WoW lore (they’re color-coded for convenience), but they’re particularly lacking in specializations centered around Deathwing’s black Dragonflight. I’m here.

The last part of the quest contains a boss fight, and the text says you can “boost/heal” allies. You can not. “Boost/Heal” could be a mechanic specific to that particular quest, or it could just be a typo. However, if the specialization reminder text popup is true, it could be a quest introducing a new specialization.