With these new, highly affordable offerings, Boost Mobile hopes to “destroy the wireless carriers”.

With these new, highly affordable offerings, Boost Mobile hopes to "destroy the wireless carriers".

Points Highlighted:

  • Said expansion begins today with a $100 option that covers an entire year of unlimited talk and text, as well as 1GB of “high speed” data available every month. Naturally, you’ll have to pay the full hundred bucks upfront to qualify for this plan, with your monthly cost amounting to a measly $8.33 (not including taxes). As you can imagine, Boost’s “first of many” carrier-crushing moves to be announced by the end of the year alone doesn’t have a direct equivalent in today’s US wireless industry, which is as hungry for profit as always.

  • Unlike most of its unlimited-focused rivals, Boost wants to serve those people without unnecessarily overcharging them for stuff that will inevitably go unused at the end of the month. Enter the Carrier Crusher program, under which the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) intends to “expand its service plan portfolio throughout the holiday season.”

There is an annual 8GB prepaid option available over at AT&T, but obviously, that’s way pricier, setting subscribers back $300 for the whole thing, or $25 a month. Impressively, another newly unveiled Carrier Crusher plan includes as much as 15 gigs of data for only $20 a month… as long as you don’t mind coughing up the full annual cost of $240 right off the bat.

Of course, Boost Mobile also has a bunch of “traditional” ultra-affordable plans you can pay monthly for, including $15 and $25 service tiers with 2 and 5GB high-speed data respectively. Those are identically priced to T-Mobile’s cheapest prepaid Connect plans, in case you’re wondering, which come with slightly higher data allotments of 2.5 and 5.5 gigs respectively.

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