With the TransUnion action, the CFPB attacks again

With the TransUnion action, the CFPB attacks again

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  • Discover a proven turn-key solution that equips your financial institution with the toolbox needed to launch a fully secure and compliant digital bank or.For reprint and licensing requests for this article, click here. 20 banks with the biggest commercial real estate loan portfolios. The top five had a combined portfolio of nearly half a billion dollars. The companies at the forefront of real-time payments. More banks, fintechs and organizations are launching projects or implementing plans to speed transaction processing. Why glitches like Bread’s payment outage are riskier now. With alternative payment methods one app or click away, a short service disruption can lead to a permanent loss of trust. CFPB takes second bite at the apple with TransUnion lawsuit.

  • One of the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, has never sought to engage in legal disputes with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is its supervisor. The CFPB sued the Chicago-based credit reporting service and a former executive in April for allegedly breaking a previous 2017 rule, but the company is now fighting back in court. Because TransUnion had paid a $3 million fine and $13.9 million in consumer compensation to satisfy the 2017 order—only to be sued for the same infractions five years later—the litigation is being keenly monitored. Launch by Nymbus: Advancing Your Financial Institution Toward Excellence in Digital Banking

Credit reporting agency TransUnion is trying to get a CFPB lawsuit dismissed by claiming the CFPB didn’t sign off on a 2017 consent order for the same violations. Regions’ approach to near-term loan growth: ‘Very cautious, very careful’. Executives said the company may take a more conservative approach when it comes to adding new loans to its books in anticipation of an economic slowdown. Indianapolis – Circa September 2016: Regions Financial Corporation. Regions is the only member of the Fortune 500 headquartered in Alabama IV During the bank’s second-quarter earnings call, Cort O’Haver, president and CEO, said Umpqua and Columbia still hadn’t received an approval yet but we’re hoping to complete the integration next year.

Huntington Bancshares’ net charge-off rate was 0.03% on June 30, which may be the 156-year-old company’s lowest quarterly level ever, according to Chief Executive Steve Steinour. That contributed to its record $539 million 2Q profit. 7 mobile app features that will be essential to bank customers. The ability to pay with points, get virtual replacement cards and monitor data sharing are all on the list, according to Forrester Research.

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