With macOS 11.3, your iPad apps will look better on MacBook

With macOS 11.3, your iPad apps will look better on MacBook

Apple introduced macOS 11.2 to its users earlier this week. The update brings fixes and updates to the Bluetooth reliability to ensure fewer disconnections and to fix problems related to the display and external displays. ProRAW and iCloud based fixes were also part of this update.

Another problem related to system settings not being unlocked in certain cases when entering the administration password has been fixed in macOS 11.2. The globe button not showing the emoji and symbols area when pressed has also been fixed.

Within a day of macOS 11.2 launch, the Cupertino-based tech company released the beta version of Big Sur 11.3 to give developers a glimpse of what users can expect from this update.

The rollout will take some time, so don’t be too excited just yet. That being said, macOS 11.3 brings a few changes that help users with both small and large aspects of the user interface.

What’s new in macOS 11.3

According to a report published by MacRumours, macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta brings newer and far more advanced customizations for Safari, including different ways to rearrange different sections that are part of the home page. In addition, the new update fixes some apps that run on M1 chips in order to better optimize the applications for the new silicon.

Additional user interface updates consist of a new settings area that allows users to set keyboard shortcuts for touch commands on the iPad. In addition, iPadOS apps launch under larger windows, with the restriction of whether or not your Mac display allows it.

The reminder app is also getting a new version that allows developers to sort reminders based on multiple factors such as due date, priority, and creation date. Developers can now also print out their reminders.

Apple Music also has a shortcut for a “Made for You” playlist. Live or future events are shown on the For You tab. Apple has also announced that the Apple News app will receive some new updates. The company redesigned the Apple News + tab, which now has a For You section and a Browse tab.

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