Windows 11 seems fine

Windows 11 seems fine

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  • Windows 11 insists my desktop`s 7th-gen Intel CPU isn`t good enough, despite having practically every feature (and quite a bit more performance) than the lowest end 8th-gen chips on the company`s compatibility list. But that didn`t stop me from installing a copy of Windows 11 right over my copy of Windows 10 by using the ISO image — I just needed to turn on my TPM module and enable Secure Boot in my motherboard`s BIOS, and click through a scary warning message.

  • Microsoft`s next version of Windows, Windows 11, is coming October 5th. In many ways, it`s already here — the free update has been available for Windows Insiders to download and test for months, and recent versions like the Release Preview will likely be indistinguishable from the final operating system. We`ll have a full review from Tom Warren next week, but in the meanwhile we thought we`d give you a look at how The Verge at large feels about upgrading to the new OS — by asking every other prominent Windows user on the team to install the most recent version on their own home computers, and gathering their impressions.

Since then, it’s been a virtually painless upgrade. I forgot, and the system wouldn’t wake from sleep a few times.) My XPS 15’s fingerprint reader and nose hair webcam are still terrible, but no worse. I was using Windows 10 – Windows 11 automatically shut down all necessary drivers again. But it’s not very good and I don’t see any reason to upgrade. HDR is still a mess. I’m with Tom on the Windows 11 taskbar. This is a big setback. Having to launch the app before pinning it to the taskbar and having to manually toggle every icon that appears on the taskbar is annoying.

I had a particularly hard time upgrading my last computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I ended up having to wipe the system and start over. So I was relieved, but to be honest, I was a little surprised at how smoothly this upgrade expired. Windows 11 has gone. Don’t panic about going back to Windows 10. The only bug I’ve experienced so far was that both Chrome and Edge browsers refused to show him Facebook right after the upgrade, but a reboot fixed it.

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