Will Xbox Game Pass include Fort Solis

Will Xbox Game Pass include Fort Solis

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  • Naturally, a game from a brand new studio that has such big names attached is garnering a considerable amount of interest from gamers. With any new IP like Fort Solis, gamers have plenty of questions. Questions like, will Fort Solis be on Xbox Game Pass? It’s unknown at this time if Fort Solis will be on Xbox Game Pass or even if the game will be on Xbox consoles. Fallen Leaf Studio has not announced any plans for the game on consoles at this time. Therefore it’s impossible to say if the game will be on Xbox Game Pass until more is revealed.

  • This year’s Summer Game Fest featured a surprise reveal of Fort Solis, which continued the pattern of horror space games that had mysteriously taken over the event. The debut title from fledgling independent developer Fallen Leaf Studio is expected to be Fort Solis. The UK-based developer was only established a year ago, and it is made up of seasoned programmers from various sectors of the market. For the purpose of bringing Fort Solis to life, Fallen Leaf Studio has also engaged the assistance of veteran games industry actors Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us) and Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2).

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