Will Tekken 8 be released on PS4?

Will Tekken 8 be released on PS4?

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  • While information is still significantly limited, here’s everything we know regarding the subject so far.

  • With Tekken 8 not scheduled until at least 2022, players are beginning to inquire about platform availability on previous-gen platforms, with the PlayStation 5 receiving greater attention in the last year.With certain gaming franchises, such as Spider-Man, opting to discount PS4 completely, some are asking if Bandai Namco would follow suit.

Will Tekken 8 Be Available For PS4?

With more emphasis on next-gen gaming more than ever before, some major gaming franchises are slowly zoning out last-gen consoles which could mean that Tekken 8 choose not to produce a game for this old Sony model.

At the time of writing, Tekken 8 has yet to even be announced so we would be purely speculating at this stage if we were to answer whether the game would be available for PS4.

The decision could go either way and it will all depend what Bandai Namco have in mind – that’s if they decide to put Tekken 8 into production and if the rumours are true.


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