Widgets you can add iPhone lock screen, listed

Widgets you can add iPhone lock screen, listed

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  • Lock Screen widgets are available for Apple’s own apps for now but we may see more widgets in the future as developers start using Apple’s WidgetKit API for their apps on iOS. That said, the following is a list of widgets that you can add to your iPhone lock screen inside iOS 16. iOS 16 Theme: How to Access and Change Themes for Lock Screen on iPhone The Batteries widget isn’t available when you’re adding widgets above the lock screen time but you can add it below the digital clock. There are two versions of this widget – square and rectangle- showing your iPhone’s current battery levels.

  • With the release of iOS 14, Apple gave consumers the ability to access their favourite part of any programme from the Home Screen by introducing widgets. Because iOS 16 now allows you to add widgets to your phone’s Lock Screen, you can see the weather, battery life, date, events, and other information with just a quick peek at the Lock Screen without having to unlock your smartphone. This is a much-needed improvement for widgets.

When you connect your AirPods, these widgets will show the battery status of your AirPods instead. You have the option to let the widget show different devices automatically or you can configure them to show your preferred device manually. Unlike the previous widget, the Calendar app does have widgets on two spots on the Lock Screen; you can add them above the digital clock or below it. When adding the Calendar widget to the top of the Lock Screen, you’ll get to choose one option from the two available widgets, both of which only display info in text form. You can choose to display either today’s date at the top or an upcoming event.

If you select City, you will be able to check the local time for another city or region in the world and if you choose Next Alarm, the Lock Screen will display an upcoming alarm that you’ve set to ring next within the Clock app. When adding Clock widgets below the Lock Screen time, you’ll get 3 square widgets (for Next Alarm, an analog clock, and a digital clock for another region) and 3 rectangular widgets (showing the local time for another region along with the location name, one showing times across multiple cities, and one showing your upcoming alarm). At a time, you can add either 3 square widgets at once, or 2 rectangular widgets, or mix and match 1 rectangular widget with 2 square ones.

When adding the Calendar widget below the time on your Lock Screen, you can add any or all of the three options available to you. You can choose from 2 square widgets (one each for showing the date and event) and 1 rectangular widget (that shows both the date and event title). Although you can check the time straight away when you glance at your iPhone, iOS 16 lets you view the local time of another region or city or check your alarms directly from the Lock Screen. When adding the Clock widget above the time on your Lock Screen, you can choose from two available options – City and Next Alarm.

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