WI: RYDE Racine launches automated car-location smartphone app for passengers

WI: RYDE Racine launches automated car-location smartphone app for passengers

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  • The phone application will save riders on wait times for buses and provide the capability to quickly look up transfers and plan trips. An additional feature of the app designed to help visually impaired people will make an audible announcement when passengers are nearing their stop while riding. The application’s system map can be updated in real time if routes or schedules change based on construction or rerouting. “The launch of this app is an important part of an overall effort to modernize our transit system,” stated Trevor Jung, Racine transit manager. “Improvements like this will enhance the customer experience for our passengers and make utilizing public transit a more viable transportation option.”

  • The phone app will save users time waiting for buses and allow them to swiftly check up transfers and plan excursions. Source The Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin (TNS) — In addition to electrifying 25% of RYDE Racine’s bus fleet, the Racine area’s transit system announced Monday the formal debut of a new automated vehicle finder smartphone application, which gives users with real-time data on bus position, as well as arrival and departure timings.

“The City of Racine is utilizing smart technology to improve municipal services and enhance quality of life for our residents,” stated Mayor Cory Mason. “This is an excellent example of the major strides that several City departments have made to integrate technological solutions to better meet our community’s needs.” Residents and visitors alike can download the free application by searching “RYDE Racine Transit” in the app stores on Android and Apple devices.

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