Why there is still hope for Xbox Game Pass “Deathloop” on consoles and P.

Why there is still hope for Xbox Game Pass “Deathloop” on consoles and P.

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  • Going forward, you should expect most — if not all of — Bethesda’s games to be exclusive to Xbox, just like the upcoming Starfield. That’s what makes it so strange to see Deathloop on a PlayStation console. Even still, there is hope for Arkane’s adventure to come to other platforms.

  • This stylish first-person shooter is a timed PlayStation 5 console exclusive that is also available on PC (via Windows). Despite this, Deathloop is actually published by Bethesda Softworks, which is owned by Microsoft. Because Deathloop was in development prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, its PlayStation exclusivity remained

Considering Deathloop is published by Bethesda, we’ll no doubt see it appear on an Xbox console, as well as Game Pass on PC at a later time. And with Bethesda being a first-party Microsoft company, you can expect to see it on Xbox Game Pass.

Pretty much all of Bethesda’s most popular games are available through Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, so we’d be shocked if Deathloop didn’t make an appearance at some point. It will likely be available for Xbox Series X|S, though you shouldn’t expect to play it on Xbox One since Deathloop is only available on PS5 right now. Still, it’s a good sign Xbox players will probably get their hands on it at some point.

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