Why the heck is there a “chafing spot” on the MacBook Air M2.

Why the heck is there a "chafing spot" on the MacBook Air M2.

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  • Users and reviewers from all around the world have noted that the dark blue MacBook Air is very susceptible to obvious scratches and dings. The Air is available in four colours: Midnight, Silver, Starlight, and Space Grey. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the first three colours (although the TechRadar Editor-in-Chief tweeted a gnarly-looking scratch on his Silver model). What’s wrong with the Midnight model, then? The MacBook Air’s black paint makes any obvious damage stand out more than it would on a laptop with a lighter colour finish.

  • Purchase of the Midnight MacBook Air M2 is not advised. (Image courtesy of Getty Images and David Paul Morris/Bloomberg.) The M2 MacBook Air is a fantastic laptop, but there is one flaw that might put you off: it seems that Apple’s most recent model is quite vulnerable to scuffs and scratches. The midnight finish is not just a magnet for fingerprints, as noted by 9to5Mac, MKBHD, and iCaveDave, but also appears to be a metaphorical magnet for obvious nicks and scuffs. They are particularly noticeable near the trackpad and ports.

These apparent scrapes aren’t just the result of normal use over a few years; they’ve already been present for a few days. Before considering giving the finish, you would have anticipated a business like Apple to have checked the laptop for any scratch-related difficulties. Will there be another controversy with an Apple product?

But there’s another way to look at it, and I’d want to draw your attention to the intriguing film “Objectified,” which came out in 2009. The Grid Compass, one of the earliest consumer computers released in 1982, was mentioned by the late British product designer Bill Moggridge. He described how the enclosure was constructed from magnesium and painted black. He thought that each ding and gouge from normal use customised the laptop to the user.

It all relies on how you perceive the circumstances. It makes sense that many of us wish to preserve the condition of our computers for as long as feasible. Even though the dark blue looks incredibly beautiful, you should actually consider the basic silver MacBook Air because this is less likely to show apparent damage.

That all depends on how you view the situation. Many of us (understandably) want to keep our laptops pristine for as long as possible. To know that this is more prone to visible damage means you really should look towards the plain silver MacBook Air — even though that dark blue does look really cool.

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