Why is Apple removing old apps from its iPhone app store

Why is Apple removing old apps from its iPhone app store

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  • It means that the “app has not been downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12 month period”, it said in an update late on Friday. While Apple will remove the outdated apps from the App Store, any previously downloaded apps will remain on users’ devices. Earlier this week, several app makers, like Protopop Games developer Robert Kabwe, expressed their concerns about the change. Apple said that developers can appeal app removals.

  • Apple, which has been eliminating programmes that haven’t been updated in a while, has stated that obsolete apps are being removed from the App Store because no one was installing them. Developers of apps that haven’t been updated in three years and don’t meet a certain number of downloads will receive “an email advising them that their app has been identified for possible removal from the App Store,” according to Apple.

“And developers, including those who recently received a notice, will now be given more time to update their apps if needed — up to 90 days,” the company informed. Apps that are removed will continue to function as normal for users who have already downloaded the app on their device. “User trust in quality apps is the basis for all we have done in building and running the App Store,” said Apple.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter: Here Are 4 Big Changes You Can Expect. Over the course of the past six years, Apple has removed almost 2.8 million apps as part of this process

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