Why does it take so long to copy PS5 and PS4 update files?

Why does it take so long to copy PS5 and PS4 update files?

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  • How Can You Speed Up the PS5 and PS4 Update File Copying Process?

  • The pace with which the copying procedure is completed varies from game to game. Because certain PS5 and PS4 titles are under 1GB in size, the copying procedure will be lightning fast. Many of the more popular games, on the other hand, can be dozens or even hundreds of terabytes in size. The longer it takes for your PS5 or PS4 to complete the copying process, the larger the original game is. Due to regular upgrades and a large file size to begin with, games like GTA 5, Gran Turismo Sport, and Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, take a long time to copy.

The only thing you can do to try and speed up copying on your PS4 is to install a faster internal hard drive. Your best bet is an SSD, as these are generally faster than regular hard drives. However, no matter how quick the drive is in your PS4, you’re still going to have to put up with copying. Replacing the internal drive will make a small difference, but it won’t make any drastic improvements.


On PS5, there’s nothing you can really do to speed up the process, although copying is generally a bit faster than on PS4.


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