Why does every Nintendo game cost $ 60? We have learned that so far

Why does every Nintendo game cost $ 60?  We have learned that so far

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  • Actually, this isn’t unique to Nintendo. Almost all games that are released now are around $60, and that’s just for the standard edition. If you want to get additional features, special packaging, figurines, and more, you’ll be paying more.

  • Consumer expectations, according to Business Insider, are why video games have reached this price range. People may fairly anticipate that when they go to buy new games, the price will be similar to what they’re used to.People know exactly how much they can anticipate to pay for a brand new game. However, even if creators increased the price of a base game by $10, there’s a risk it wouldn’t sell as well.

Take the upcoming release Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. At GameStop, Forbidden West for the PS4 costs $59.99, but you have to pay an extra $10 for the PS5 upgrade.

Video game prices may be going up.

Then, there are different editions of the Forbidden West that only increase in price. There’s a Special Edition of the game for the PS4 that costs $69.99. For the PS5, the Special Edition is an additional $10. The Collector’s Edition is only available for the PS5 and comes with statues, a soundtrack, tons of DLC, and more for $199.99. There’s even a Regalla Edition with even more for $259.99.

On top of that, this $60 price tag may be just the beginning. Business Insider also reported that games have been sitting at that price for a few years now, but the quality of games keeps increasing. Players always want newer and better graphics and storylines but don’t want to have to pay more. You can even compare games. Look at the difference in graphics between Far Cry 6 and Far Cry 3.

Basically, $60 is no longer enough to pay for all these new advancements in the gaming industry. That’s why things like expansion packs, season passes, and collectibles are made and sold alongside the games themselves.

At the end of it all, these games cost a lot of money to produce. Consider all the tech needed, but also voice actors, costume designers, musicians, and more that are all needed to keep the lights on in these studios and make these games the best they can be.

An immersive experience involves much more than slapping pixels on a screen. On top of that, people need to get paid for their work, and even after games are completed, there’s money poured into marketing and PR. In order to even turn a profit on these games, companies have to sell a lot of copies for it to be worth it in the end. Don’t be surprised if video game prices and extensions continue to increase as time goes by.

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