When you start a game on your Playstation 4 Pro, it will start and shut down

When you start a game on your Playstation 4 Pro, it will start and shut down

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  • All of the connectors are solid, as I said it all turns on and runs but shuts down on any game launch. All software and system is up to date with all updates. The system itself has been on a Tv unit not in direct sunlight, it has always had good ventilation and never dropped or abused. I am at a total loss to what this could be, so any help and advice would be greatly received.

  • So, I have a PS4 Pro, and it started shutting down shortly before Christmas whenever I tried to launch a game. It was taken to a technician, who replaced the thermal paste and cleaned the insides of the computer of any dust. However, the issue persists. I can switch on the PS4 and access the major menus and other features. As soon as I choose a game to play, it begins to load, the fan becomes extremely loud, and everything shuts down. I gave it to a man who conducts the basic maintenance on PS4s, such as refilling the thermal paste and cleaning the insides. There is no obvious damage or anything on the mainboard, according to him. i.e. the capacitors or pots, as he calls them.

My ps4 pro was a piece of garbage that got laggier as the years went by and frequently crashed from multi-tasking through the UI with a game running in the background . sometimes it would even crash without a game running . it would also crash shutting off but , my problem wasn’t like yours ; i could at least still play games on it – digitally . i never really used the disc drive , are your games digital ?

as far as how i fixed it , i traded it in to some poor sucker who still wants a ps4 out there . and how much it would cost to fix , i have no idea . in the meantime , maybe try sitting the ps4 pro upright and , see if that makes a difference ? also maybe re-install your games and/or factory reset the system ..

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