WhatsApp starts testing longer group topics and descriptions for Android beta testers

News Summary:

  • Giving group admins the freedom to name groups freely. This makes it easier to identify the purpose of the group. This update will be made available to Android beta testers through the Google Play Store beta program. This update includes version and allows users to set longer group topics and descriptions. Additionally, the meta-owned giant is increasing the character limit for group descriptions from his 512 characters to his 2048 characters. WhatsApp users should be aware that it may not be possible to enter a detailed group description at this time.

  • WhatsApp is rolling out an Android beta update that allows users to set longer group topics and descriptions. This new feature allows users to communicate more information about groups such as: Objectives, rules, discussion topics, etc. This update is part of WhatsApp’s efforts to improve the user experience and make it easier for people to connect with each other on the platform. WAMetaInfo reports that upcoming changes will allow users to better describe groups. Unlike before, the character limit for WhatsApp groups has been increased from 25 to 100.

It doesn’t matter if the feature is already activated in your WhatsApp account. We recommend waiting a while before updating the group description. Anyone who got the latest his WhatsApp beta update from the Google Play store can practice longer group themes and explanations. The update will be rolled out gradually and will be available to more users in the coming days. WhatsApp is working on a “Shortcut for Contacts in Groups” feature. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that will allow group admins to chat directly with group members.