WhatsApp Rolls out audio and video calls support to its desktop app

WhatsApp Introduced support for audio and video calls in the desktop app

Audio and video calls have been available on WhatsApp for a number of years but only work on the iPhone and Android apps. Starting today, users can also answer and make calls using WhatsApp Desktop on a Mac or Windows PC.

According to WhatsApp, the function is initially available for one-on-one calls in the desktop app and will be expanded to include group calls in the future. With audio and video conferencing becoming more common these days due to the pandemic, the Facebook According to the company, being able to answer calls on a bigger screen is extremely important for users.

The function initially supports one-on-one calls and will later be expanded to include group calls. WhatsApp said that voice and video calls on the desktop offer users more opportunities to communicate as people around the world are still confined to their homes due to the pandemic.

“With so many people still separated from loved ones and adapting to new ways of working, we want conversations on WhatsApp to feel as personal as possible, regardless of where you are in the world or what technology you’re using “Said WhatsApp in a blog post.

Audio and video calls are encrypted throughout so WhatsApp cannot hear or see them. The update allows users to change the screen orientation between portrait and landscape, as well as turn the video on or off, and mute the microphone. It’s a similar experience to being on mobile devices.

WhatsApp has rolled out many features in the past few months, including a feature that requires biometric authentication before users connect a device. Previously, users had to scan a QR code. While the feature was handy, it left users vulnerable to potential data breaches.

Meanwhile, the company has been at the center of controversy over its new terms of use and privacy policy. The updated policies were originally supposed to go into effect on February 8th, but WhatsApp has decided to delay the changes after users have played. WhatsApp has reportedly lost a lot of users because of the proposed changes, especially the information it is shared with Facebook.

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