WhatsApp Business’s Cover Photo feature is coming to Android

WhatsApp Business's Cover Photo feature is coming to Android

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  • With the app boasting over two billion users globally, this social media tool provides businesses with a valuable way to promote their brand to their audience. Read on to find out more about WhatsApp’s new cover photo feature, including how to install it. According to a recent release from WABetaInfo, the app’s new cover photo feature will allow certain users to insert an additional image behind their profile photo. With the feature bearing some resemblance to Facebook’s popular profile layout, the tool was designed to help businesses enhance the look of their profile or display further information about their brand

  • Before it comes out, here’s everything you need to know about it, including what to expect and how to obtain it. WhatsApp introduced a feature in April that allows iOS business users to customise their account cover photos. This option will soon be available to Android beta users as well, which is great news for businesses that rely on Android devices. The Android app, which allows businesses to personalise their profiles with an additional landscape image, is still in beta but will soon be available solely to WhatsApp Business customers.

When the feature is fully rolled out, the cover photos will be displayed to all WhatsApp users on both mobile and desktop devices. However, the option will not be available to everyone — to add a cover photo you currently need to have a WhatsApp Business account. It’s yet to be confirmed if this tool will also be made available to regular WhatsApp users. “Thanks to cover photos, you can enhance your business profile by adding a header image and when your customers and other businesses visit your profile, they will be able to view the cover photo.” – Spokesperson from WABetaInfo

Once the installation is complete, you can select a cover photo by opening up your business profile via settings and clicking edit on the photo behind your profile image. If you’re not able to use the tool yet, don’t worry. The cover photo option is only available to some businesses at this current time, but will be available to a greater number of users over the coming weeks. With WhatsApp’s usership increasing week on week, activating this feature will be an effective way to refine your brand messaging and boost your brand’s presence.

But the introduction of a cover photo feature isn’t the only change coming to WhatsApp Business users. In an effort to make the platform more competitive, WhatsApp partnered with meta and launched a new service for businesses last month, and the platform may also be rolling out a subscription for its business users. How Can My Business Add a Cover Photo On WhatsApp? To add a cover picture to your business account, you simply need to download the latest beta version of WhatsApp Business.

However, while customizing your business profile can be a great way to extend your company’s brand awareness, there are a number of other ways to drum up traffic online. By using tools like Hootsuite, Hubspot, and Sprout Social to refine your social media strategy, your business will be able to improve its social presence across a range of platforms — from WhatsApp to LinkedIn.

The marketing, analytic, and scheduling services also help with the lead conversion process so more prospects can turn into paying customers. Read our guide to the best social media tools to learn more about the best solutions on the market. Isobel is a writer at Tech.co with a wealth of experience covering business and technology news. Since specializing in Digital Anthropology at University College London (UCL), she’s been a regular contributor to Market Finance’s blog and has also spent time working as a freelance tech researcher. As a writer, Isobel takes a particular interest in issues regarding data security, social media, and emerging business technology.

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