What previous rumors say about Aspyr’s confirmed game

What previous rumors say about Aspyr's confirmed game

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  • Fortunately, probably the greatest Star Wars gaming rumour of the year, that developer Aspyr will bring back the legendary Knights of the Old Republic in the form of a full remake, has provided a ray of hope. The anticipated title was officially revealed during PlayStation’s September Showcase, and now many fans are only waiting to hear more.

  • For the better part of this year, Star Wars fans have been riding a wave of speculations. From rumours of a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel to rumours of a game based on the Mandalorian series, it appears that the audience has been holding its breath in anticipation of some official announcement.

For those waiting to know what they can expect from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, there could be some information in the initial rumors that surrounded the game. Numerous sources reported on different aspects of the KOTOR Remake earlier this year, with many of them having to do with potential gameplay features and the team behind development.

One of the primary aspects of KOTOR Remake’s initial rumors was that the game would be helmed by developer Aspyr. While the company may be relatively unknown compared to many other of the industry’s biggest names, Aspyr has built up a reputation among Star Wars fans.

While it would be unwise to take all of the remake’s rumors as gospel, some did come from reliable sources such as industry insider Jason Schreier. Now that the game actually exists, KOTOR Remake’s other rumors could give insight on what to expect.

Over the past few years, Aspyr has been focused on creating remasters for classic Star Wars titles on modern consoles, with Star Wars: Republic Commando serving as the developer’s most recent project. They may not be full-fledged remakes as KOTOR Remake promises to be, but they still demonstrate an important familiarity with the property.

Looking at Aspyr’s previous catalogue of work, it would be understandable to have some concerns over whether or not the developer will have the resources to create such a hefty remake. Previous rumors suggest, however, that Aspyr will have all of the tools it needs.

Earlier this year, Aspyr’s parent company Embracer Group announced that the developer would be given a $70 million budget for a triple-A release related to a licensed property. When KOTOR Remake rumors first began to circulate, some believed that this budget could be connected. Now that the game is official, it’s entirely possible, and this would give KOTOR Remake a budget akin to most other triple-A titles today.

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