What kind of smartwatch, fitness tracker or other wearable do you have on your wrist?

What kind of smartwatch, fitness tracker or other wearable do you have on your wrist?

Tech Highlights:

  • Based on the real-world images we saw just this week, the Pixel Watch looks like a sleek, rounded wearable perfect for blending into any outfit and strapping onto any wrist. We’ve also seen the default straps — featuring a proprietary set of lugs, unfortunately — that look pretty close to the default ones included with an Apple Watch. From its general look and feel to the rotating crown along the right side of the gadget, everything about the Pixel Watch seems designed to compete directly with the Apple Watch.

  • We’ve known for years that a Pixel Watch was on the way, but it wasn’t until recently that it became a reality. An original leak revealed some specifics regarding Google’s first Pixel-branded watch, and that gradual trickle of information has now transformed into a flood this week. It may be sufficient to persuade some people to upgrade from their current smartwatches and others to get their first smartwatch.

But Google’s taken a decade to jump into this race, which means it’s full of competition. There’s Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 series, currently the best smartwatches you can buy for Android phones right now. There are a ton of Wear OS 2 watches set to get upgrades to the latest version some time this summer. Outside of Android, you have competition from Garmin, Amazfit, and even Samsung itself with its older Tizen-based gadgets. And don’t forget fitness trackers like Fitbit, which often pull double-duty as smartwatches.

Before the Pixel Watch — along with the upcoming Galaxy Watch5 series and that beefed up Pro model — shake up the market for good, it seems like the perfect time to check in with our readers. What kind of wearable are you using right now?

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