What if the iPhone Reached its maximum capacity? Brownlee, Marche

What if the iPhone Reached its maximum capacity?  Brownlee, Marche

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  • But I’ve always said NO, we are not at peak smartphones. Just as long as things are objectively getting better every single year, just getting slightly better over and over again. We keep getting more processing power, more memory, higher resolutions and more intelligence and we keep getting new features. Recently there are cameras underneath displays and fingerprint readers underneath screens that are getting better. And just recently we started getting phones folding in half.

  • We came across this video on YouTube by Marques Brownlee, in which he discusses “Are we at peak smartphone, or is it merely a blip due to the chip shortage?” For those who are interested, we have included the video as well as provided the film’s transcript. So, to be honest, there’s only one feature of the iPhone 14 that I’m very interested in right now. But first, let me ask you a question. Is it possible that we’ve reached the pinnacle of smartphone usage? I mean, it’s a typical question at this point, and the gut instinct is usually yes, so it appears that we are.

So if we are defining peak smartphone as having reached the apex where phones are no longer getting better and it’s flat, then amazingly, we’re still not there yet. But I think we all have the same feeling, which is clear they have slowed down a lot since the beginning. The 2007 and 2009s early smartphones are making huge leaps. I got the first HD screen and then the first selfie camera and then the first eight K video. Now we’re getting little things.

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