What can the COVID-19 microchip implant do now? The COVID-19 microchip implant can now check your vaccination status, but what else can it do?

What can the COVID-19 microchip implant do now?  The COVID-19 microchip implant can now check your vaccination status, but what else can it do?

Tech Highlights:

  • It’s now easy to check your immunisation record. It may be scanned with your smartphone. Here’s all you need to know about the chip that was inserted thus far.

  • Epicenter, a Swedish firm, has come up with a novel way to carry your COVID-19 vaccination passport with ease. Patients can implant a microchip implant under their skin.

A person might instantaneously display his or her immunisation passport with a single flash of an arm. The business intends to concentrate on developing an implantable device that takes characteristics from existing technologies.

The startup’s Chief Disruption Officer, he considered implants as a “very versatile technology” that can be incorporated into various things. In the video, he mentioned that everyone could now access their COVID-19 passport through the implant.

Epicenter said that it was already devising “near-field communication” or NFC, so it could immediately transmit data to a particular gadget. For instance, one of the most common data receivers that are accessible to almost all people is the smartphone.

The report showed that the implant resembles the size of a rice grain which can be put under the skin. The patient could embed it between the thumb and the index finger.

Sjöblad mentioned during the Tech2025 Webinar that the COVID-19 chip could also be placed under the arm. Using NFT-compatible devices, the data including the coronavirus vaccine passport will be kept on it.

The Purpose of Implanted Chip

When coming to different establishments such as museums and restaurants, you must always carry your vax status before entering them. According to another report from Daily Mail, Epicenter wants people to present their passports in the easiest way available. With that, Tech2025 indicated that the launch of microchip implants will hint at the replacement of business cards, ID cards, and the like. In addition, this would be a viable option for the storage of medical records and more.

The project of embracing the chip implants could be achieved by 2025. Tech 2025 believes that this could likely happen in the next few years. However, this would be challenged by lawmakers and concerned groups so implementing it right away will not be easier than it sounds. Just like other chips, they will be implanted in the body through a syringe injection. In an instant, a microchip is now inserted into the patient’s hand.

“The biggest benefit I think is convenience,” Epicenter CEO Patrick Mesterton said in 2017. COVID-19 ‘Chip’ Conspiracies

Earlier this year, Tech Times reported that Bill Gates was involved in a conspiracy theory about the implanted chips. Back then, the rumors pointed out the billionaire and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s evil plans to control people by inserting “detectable” implants into vaccinated people.

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