What big streamers think of Halo Infinite so far

What big streamers think of Halo Infinite so far

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  • Many major streamers have been chiming in with their opinions as to the direction Halo Infinite should go from here, with some suggestions making headlines.

  • In a few months, Halo Infinite will eventually be released. Early indications from the game’s multiplayer betas suggest that it will be a huge hit for both Xbox and PC gamers. These multiplayer samples are part of Halo Infinite’s insider programme, which Twitch broadcasters like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman have praised. Halo enthusiasts who haven’t had a chance to play Infinite yet may see a preview of the next Halo project thanks to these streams.

The Halo franchise has struggled as of late when it comes to appealing to old Halo fans, so the opinions of streamers may provide good insight into how Halo may successfully do so in the future. While some streamer opinions on Halo Infinite are somewhat controversial among the fanbase, it seems as though many share a similar take on how Halo Infinite should proceed.

While recent Halo games have been guilty of changing up the formula too much, Halo Infinite feels like a traditional Halo game mixed with some of the innovations of the likes of Halo 5. It seems that Halo Infinite may strike the right balance for Halo fans new and old, and be a return to form for the classic Xbox series.

Halo fans have been waiting for a long time for the eventual release of Halo Infinite. The game was initially slated to be a launch title for the Xbox Series S and X, however, after its reveal, it was delayed to add a bit of polish. Fans have since seen the game in greater detail, and thoughts are that Halo Infinite’s delay was for the best in the long run.

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