What about Intel’s first 16-coreLaptopprocessors known?

What about Intel's first 16-coreLaptopprocessors known?

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  • The leak came from VideoCardz who published what looked like an official Intel presentation slide. It showed off specs for seven processors: two Core i9’s, three Core i7’s, and two Core i5’s, which are all expected to be the gold-standard for many new laptops coming out soon. The Core i9-12950HX was the best of the lineup, with its massive 16 cores and 24 threads; eight of the cores are P-cores (performance), and the remaining eight — E-cores (efficiency). It also boasted clock speeds of 2.3GHz (base) and 5.0 GHz (boost) on its performance cores, as well as 30MB of L3 cache.

  • Intel’s Alder Lake-HX laptop CPUs were supposed to be unveiled during a two-day event this week, but most of their specifications have been leaked ahead of time. Looking to replace your CPUs? Intel has previously said that the specifics on their new Alder Lake-HX CPU family would be revealed at their Vision event. However, a huge leak exposed critical CPU specs ahead of the event, which is scheduled for May 10-11. The most recent rumour, together with previous leaks, demonstrated how the new chips are attempting to bridge the gap with desktop-grade processors that gamers and enthusiasts may enjoy.

What Is Known From The First 16-Core Laptop Cpus From Intel 2. The whole lineup showed the bump in power with every CPU using 55W at its base power up to 157W—this would be a big increase compared to the 42W with the previous Alder Lake-H series. Alder Lake-HX looks to have added more PCIe lanes across the board and is going to be the first mobile platform to support PCIe Gen 5.0. The increase in lanes featured additions up to a total of 48 PCIe lanes: 16 Gen 5 lanes, 20 Gen 4 lanes, and 12 Gen 3 lanes versus the 28 (16 Gen 4, 12 Gen 3) offered by Intel Alder Lake-H.

What Is Known From The First 16-Core Laptop Cpus From Intel 1. In terms of its packaging, the leak showed that Intel would be putting the full Alder Lake silicon on a BGA package, and the package would be the same size as its LGA desktop counterpart (45 x 37.5 mm). The main difference would be the height being slimmed down from 4.4mm to 2.0 mm so it could fit in smaller spaces. All of these specs should be great for even the more CPU-intensive games like Grand Theft Auto V or Civilization VI.

More details revealed that Alder Lake-HX will support DDR5 memory with Intel XMP 3.0 profiles for overclocking. It also mentioned a feature called Dynamic Memory Boost which is said to offer these CPUs outstanding overclocking capabilities, including efficiency-core overclocking. Intel Speed Optimizer will also receive an update, and the processor will also come with Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility technology. Intel was said that these features would apply to all of the HX processors, meaning that all of them should be overclock-friendly.

Intel recently had its GPU app, Intel Arc Control, leaked and the laptop Arc GPUs were first seen in the year’s first round of new laptops. The desktop cards are expected to be released later in 2022. While Intel and AMD had been known to go head-to-head on the CPU market, the Arc GPUs are planned to position the company as a third competitor to AMD and NVIDIA’s GPUs. The Intel Vision event on May 10-11 should uncover more, if not, all the details many gamers and PC enthusiasts will be excited for.

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