We got a bot to read Nintendo news and it made its own headlines

We got a bot to read Nintendo news and it made its own headlines

Tech Highlights:

  • Here at Nintendo Life HQ, we’re constantly trying to think up new ways to add a little pizazz to our front page. Stories about Pikachu? We’ve heard ’em all. New Smash Bros characters? Too easy to guess. Waluigi gets snubbed again? We knew it.

  • In the game magazine industry, the Back Page is where we put all the oddities that didn’t fit onto the other pages. Some may call it “filler,” but we prefer “an entire page to make awful jokes that are only distantly linked to the magazine’s substance.” We don’t have any internet pages, but we still enjoy bad jokes, as seen by our Back Page features. Kate has delegated her work to technology, which appears to be one of those cautionary tales…

Luckily for us, we live in the year 2021, and artificial intelligence exists. Why bother with news stories when I can just give a prompt to a bot, set it off, and come back a few hours later with all the news I could ever need? That seems a lot easier.

“The concept of remakes has always been a tad bit controversial, especially in video games. While a certain number of gamers get to appreciate how new the experience can be, there’s always the opposition that is quickly filling up the comments section. The developers themselves have been working hard on remaking various video games. However, some gamers are always against them, believing it will ruin the original experience.”

For the titles, I used Botnik Studios’ predictive keyboards, trained on Nintendo Life’s front page. For the images, I used Neural Blender. And for the text of the article, I used InferKit’s generative tool and Deep AI’s text generation. So, here we go: The headlines of tomorrow, today!

“Since its March launch, the Nintendo Switch has sold out. If you went to Best Buy, GameStop, or Walmart and saw it still listed as in stock and thought, “Hey, I could get one,” good news: you can.

But if you can’t, here’s why.

Nintendo says it’s trying to prevent confusion and some shortages by limiting its production. It’s not entirely clear, however, how much stock it has left, and who can get it—or if anyone can. Nintendo also isn’t selling the system itself in the U.S., so you need a friend with one of those in order to snag one.”

This is a little confusing, but bots have no way of understanding when they’re contradicting themselves, unfortunately. In short, you can get a Switch, but maybe you can’t, and they’re definitely not selling them in the US, for some reason. And, wait, should we be worried about the flooding? It looks like it’s already inside the Switch.

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