Water heaters are safe when placed correctly

Water heaters are safe when placed correctly

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  • Water heaters make bathing, cooking, and cleaning in the home more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable, especially during the wet and dry seasons. It is not a luxury item, but rather a necessity for everyone, especially considering Nigeria’s weather patterns.

  • Experts have urged water heater owners around the country to follow proper installation procedures to safeguard their water heaters’ safety. This viewpoint comes in the wake of misinformation in the web media concerning water heaters being a health risk when bathing.

“Water heaters are important electrical equipment that are put in homes, hotels, and hospitals to provide comfort, convenience, and enjoyment by delivering hot water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Aside from comfort, hot water has a great influence on our health and well-being and, contrary to popular belief, is relatively inexpensive “He went on to say,

“Water heater, like every other electrical appliance, is considered generally safe for domestic use, especially if consumers buy only trusted brands, ensure proper installation and service them regularly for optimum performance”, Ifeanyi noted.

the use of water heaters has made everyone’s lives easier and safer, adding that it is much safer now than many years back when households heat water with fire or boiling rings.

Another expert, Frank Jackson, charged users to be alert to certain factors when buying a water heater. According to Jackson, customers need to engage certified installers, patronize good brands with a solid online presence, and ensure the use of proper electrical cables during installation.

“It is vital to pay attention to the wiring of the house and the proper use of the recommended electrical cables to prevent danger. Secondly, the correct installation of the water heaters is also key. Dealing with certified installers gives a sense of reassurance on product longevity and adherence to best practices.”

He advised households to look out for essential features when buying water heaters noting that brand such as Ariston guarantees peace of mind while in use.

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