Vodafone and Google Cloud to work on ‘industry-first’ global data platform

Vodafone and Google Cloud to work on ‘industry-first’ global data platform

Vodafone and Google Cloud are building a global data platform for the first time in the industry. The move accelerates the operator’s digital transformation efforts and shows the increasing convergence of telecommunications and technology sectors.

A new system called ‘Dynamo’ will be installed on the ‘Nucleus’ platform, which will collect information from Vodafone’s various repositories around the world and migrate it to a single cloud-based source. Vodafone is also moving its entire SAP environment and all big data and business intelligence workloads to the Google Cloud.

This aggregated database can then be used to improve Vodafone’s network, increase operational efficiency and accelerate the delivery of new, personalized services to customers in all markets. Nucleus and Dynamo can process 50 TB of data per day, and Vodafone has identified more than 700 potential use cases, including predictive maintenance, automated service upgrades and rewards, and digital twins.

Ultimately, this means a more efficient network, happier and more engaged customers, and higher revenue from customer loyalty and new services.

“Vodafone creates a strong foundation for a digital future,” says Johan Wibergh, CTO of the Vodafone Group. “We have huge amounts of data that, when securely processed and made available across our space with the help of the collective power of Vodafone and the technical expertise of Google Cloud, our services to our customers and governments, as well as the societies in which they operate live and serve, will change. ”

Vodafone sees itself increasingly as an IT company and not just as a provider of telecommunications services. The ambition is reflected in his digitization program and investments in 5G. Vodafone is convinced that the introduction of cloud-based technologies and the virtualization of the network infrastructure will make the company more data-driven and that services can be introduced more quickly, which will change customer and back-office processes.

Building the relationship with Google Cloud is part of that process. As part of the six-year partnership, more than 1,000 employees from both companies in the UK, USA and Spain will work together. Companies will provide advisory services to other multinational organizations to help them make better use of data in their business.

“Telecommunications companies are increasingly differentiating their customer experiences through the use of data and analytics. This has never been more important than during the current pandemic,” added Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “We are pleased to be selected as Vodafone’s global strategic cloud partner for Analytics and SAP and to jointly develop new products that accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.”

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