Valve has subtly improved its upcoming Steam Deck docking station

Valve has subtly improved its upcoming Steam Deck docking station

Tech Highlights:

  • These changes to the Steam Deck dock will greatly improve the speed at which you can download and play games via external gaming SSDs, due to the higher specification and rated speeds of both ports. Plus, this should alleviate any worries of the device inhibiting the performance of your gaming keyboard and mouse, as some peripherals demand USB 3.0 ports at minimum. Valve is yet to provide a more specific Steam Deck dock release date past “late Spring 2022”, but for now you can check out our picks for the best Steam Deck dock you can pick up today.

  • While we eagerly wait for the official Steam Deck dock to arrive, it looks that Valve has surreptitiously improved its specs ahead of time. While the device’s number of ports hasn’t changed, there are a few important modifications that will undoubtedly please handheld gaming PC owners. Valve’s official spec sheet featured a single USB 3.1 port and two USB 2.0 ports prior to the Steam Deck dock update. When viewing the same website now, it looks that it will instead come with three USB 3.1 ports. Additionally, the formerly unnamed “Ethernet” port is now referred to as “Gigabit Ethernet.”

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