Valheim player changes ocean into huge trampoline

The Valheim player turns the ocean into a giant trampoline

Can we ever really get to know the nature of the sea? Primordial beings lurk in the depths. It is powered by space. We still don’t understand how eels reproduce. But in Valheim it’s a little easier: the ocean is a trampoline.

On the Valheim subreddit, a player named HotGuuuuu recently revealed the fruits of several days of work: A huge ramp that defies gravity and which took an absurdly long time to build, even with the help of cheats. To christen the ramp, HotGuuuuu brought out a boat at the top and flew down the side of a mountain.

The inevitable result of this Godzilla-like version of a school physics experiment was, of course, a collision with the ocean. In fact, HotGuuuuu’s ocean-going ship eventually hit the sea at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour. This caused the boat to jump hundreds of meters in the air, where it then tumbled back and forth until its journey finally ended in the branches of a forest.

Questions remain about the results of HotGuuuuu. Did the boat jump at sea itself or did it make contact with the bottom of the shallows so quickly that it just seemed to bounce off the surface of the sea? Where is the trampoline in the great superhero sandwich of particles and collisions that is the universe? We may never know. All I can say for sure is that the boat ricocheted, and for me that is proof enough that the trampoline exists.

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