US top target for foreign and domestic influence operations, says new Facebook report

US Top Target for Foreign and Domestic Influence Operations, New Says Facebook report

The United States topped a list of countries most commonly affected by misleading foreign-controlled operations Facebook Between 2017 and 2020, the social media company announced in a new report released on Wednesday.

It also ranked second on a list of countries targeted by domestic influence operations during the same period. Facebook Inc said one of the main sources of coordinated networks of spurious conduct against the United States in the year leading up to the 2020 presidential election was domestic campaigns originating in the United States itself, as well as foreign operations from Russia and Iran.

Facebook began cracking down on these leverage operations after 2016 when U.S. intelligence concluded that Russia was using the platform as part of a cyber leverage campaign to help former President Donald Trump win the White House, a claim which Moscow has denied.

The company said that Russia, followed by Iran, topped the list of sources of coordinated spurious behavior, and that this was mainly due to foreign interference. Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Libya and Sudan have been major targets for foreign operations.

However, the company also said that roughly half of the influence operations removed globally since 2017 have been conducted by domestic rather than foreign networks.

Facebook The domestic influence operations targeting the United States were carried out by fringe conspiratorial or political actors, public relations or consultancy firms, and media websites.

Myanmar was reportedly the country most domestic inauthentic networks targeted by Facebook, even though those networks were relatively small.

Facebook Investigators also said they expected it would be more difficult to see what was part of a deceptive influence campaign as threat actors increasingly “use witty and ignorant people to blur the lines between authentic domestic discourse and manipulation”. The report included more than 150 coordinated inauthentic networks that had been identified and removed by Facebook since 2017.

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