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TechWizard Feature: Ferguson’s Key Advice for Future Business Success

Unlocking Success in Business: Insights from Jimmy Ferguson

McDonald’s franchisee and Arkansas Tech University benefactor Jimmy Ferguson recently shared invaluable advice with students from the ATU College of Business and Economic Development. In his spring 2024 ATU School of Business Distinguished Lecture Series address, Ferguson emphasized the importance of three key skills for future success: communication, engagement, and empathy.

Ferguson highlighted the rapidly evolving nature of the business world, noting the significant changes in society and consumer behavior over the past few years. He stressed the need for adaptability and continuous learning, emphasizing that success in business requires the ability to navigate uncertainty and find solutions to new challenges.

Reflecting on his own journey from ATU staff member to successful entrepreneur, Ferguson underscored the value of building strong relationships within the community and seeking support and knowledge from experienced business professionals. He encouraged students to be curious, ask questions, and leverage the expertise of others in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a testament to his commitment to education and community, Dr. Russell Jones, ATU interim president, announced the naming of the forthcoming student union and recreation center on ATU’s Russellville campus as the Ferguson Student Union in honor of Jimmy Ferguson and his family. This recognition acknowledges their generous support for the construction of the facility and their lasting impact on the university.

Through his inspiring words and practical advice, Jimmy Ferguson reminded ATU students of the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, and community engagement in achieving long-term success in the ever-changing business landscape.