Unity to soon add NVIDIA DLSS support to its game engine

Unity to soon add NVIDIA DLSS support to its game engine

Unity, one of the largest game engines on the market, will soon support NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. It should be available to Unity developers by the end of this year so they can enable DLSS in their games with just a few clicks. Unreal Engine also offers DLSS support through a plugin that Epic Games introduced earlier this year.

DLSS is a form of upscaling that both increases performance and improves the look and feel of games. It uses AI-controlled antialiasing to render images that are similar (and sometimes better) to native resolution quality, when systems actually only render a fraction of the pixels. This takes the load off the hardware and enables better looking games. DLSS also improves the performance of rasterized graphics.

The technology is often used in conjunction with ray-traced reflections to create realistic-looking environments with high resolutions and frame rates on the latest NVIDIA GTX graphics cards.

Nintendo’s announced Switch Pro (or Super Switch or whatever it’s called) is expected to support DLSS as well. The next Switch should be more powerful than current models, but not as much power as a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S. The expanded support for DLSS on the engine side should result in better performance in more games, which for the Switch Pro should come in handy, especially given that it will likely support 4K gameplay in docked mode.

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