Unboxing of the indie puzzle game will be postponed to Xbox Game Pass on November 2nd

Unboxing of the indie puzzle game will be postponed to Xbox Game Pass on November 2nd

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  • For those who haven’t heard of Unpacking, the game is described as a “zen puzzle game” in which players are tasked with unpacking items from a series of boxes and placing them in aesthetically pleasing locations in the corresponding rooms. Whilst doing so, you’ll slowly uncover clues about the lives of the people you’re unpacking for.

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If Unpacking sounds like your kind of thing, you can go and wishlist the game on Steam right now to help the developer, keep up to date on development, and make sure you don’t forget when the game releases in November.

In other Xbox-related news, a massive Geforce Now leak has revealed that several Xbox titles, including previously unannounced games, could be heading to Steam at some point in the future. The upcoming Fable reboot, Halo 5: Guardians, and the currently unannounced Gears 6 were all named in the list for potential PC releases.

However, if you’re looking for something to play on Xbox Game Pass a bit sooner, Xbox has recently announced the addition of 13 new titles coming to the service this month. This includes already released titles such as Superliminal and Subnautica: Below Zero, but also includes eight new releases with Skatebird, Sable, and Aragami 2 being the cream of the crop.

Also included in the list is a bunch of Project titles, including Project Typhoon which we know to be Avalanche Studios’ upcoming title Contraband. Other placeholder names that appear in the list are Project Woodstock and Oxide Unannounced. It’s worth noting that this list is out of date as a Scalebound listing was also found and that just because games are on this list, it doesn’t mean that a future PC release is planned.

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