UK warns China of risky military action near Taiwan; Erdogan promises to recover money Turkey paid to US for F-35 jets; and more

UK warns China of risky military action near Taiwan;  Erdogan promises to recover money Turkey paid to US for F-35 jets;  and more

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  • Britain’s defense secretary on Thursday urged China to find a peaceful way to settle its dispute with Taiwan, warning that China’s incursions into Taiwan’s air defense area are dangerous and could provoke conflict. The western capital and Taipei are on high alert after the Chinese Air Force stepped up its overflight on Oct. 1.
    Erdogan says Turkey will recover money paid to US for F-35 jets.

  • UK warns China of dangerous military action around Taiwan

President Tayyip Erdogan says he believes Turkey and the US will make progress in talks to sell his F-16 fighter jets, saying his $1.4 billion he paid for F-35s will be refunded to Turkey. rice field. Erdogan said over the weekend that the US offered to sell F-16s to Turkey in exchange for a down payment on the more advanced F-35s, which Washington blocked after Turkey bought Russia’s missile defense system rice field.

‘Terrorist act’: Man charged with murder of British MP Ames

Every time Hussein Rahimi leaves his home in Kabul to pray at a mosque, he recites a karima (a short verse that is a central tenet of Islam). “I’m scared. My family is scared when we go to mosques,” said 23-year-old Rahimi, a Hazara and Shiite who was at the bottom of some of the most violent attacks in China’s bloody history of Afghanistan. community.

British police on Thursday charged a 25-year-old man with the murder of his MP David Amess, saying the killing was an act of terrorism. Ames, 69, a Conservative leader led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was stabbed repeatedly while meeting with voters at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, north-east London, on Friday. Paramedics tried to save him on the church floor, but he was of no avail.

South Korea’s Moon vows ‘Korea Space Age’ after missile tests stall

South Korea’s first home-grown space rocket launched on Thursday but failed to fully orbit a dummy satellite, resulting in mixed results in a test launch that marks a major leap forward for the country’s ambitious space program. A decorated three-stage KSLV-II Nuri rocket rose from the Nara Space Center launch pad onto a pillar of fire at 5:00 pm. (0800 Greenwich Mean Time).

G20 summit on coal, 1.5 degree climate line split ahead of Rome summit. A group of 20 wealthy nations are gearing up for a crucial summit in Rome next week, vying over promises to phase out coal and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. said a source familiar with the negotiations.

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