UK court blocks Epic Games from contesting Apple’s Fortnite ban

UK court blocks Epic Games from contesting Apple’s Fortnite ban

News: UK court blocks Epic Games from contesting Apple’s Fortnite ban.

(Reuters) – The UK Antitrust Court ruled Monday that Epic Games, the inventor of the popular game Fortnite, cannot pursue its case against Apple Inc in the UK through its App Store payment system and control over app downloads.

The two companies have been at odds since August when the game maker tried to avoid Apple’s 30% fee on the App Store by introducing its own in-app payment system, which led Apple to later ban Fortnite from its store.

The UK tribunal said Epic’s lawsuit against Google from Alphabet Inc. could move forward, but believed the United States would be a better forum for their lawsuit against Apple.

“Epic will reconsider the prosecution of its case against Apple in the UK after the US case is resolved,” the video game company said in a statement in response to the tribunal’s decision.

Apple and Google did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comments.

In October, a federal judge in California ruled in an injunction that Apple could ban the Fortnite game from its app store, but Epic’s developer tools business, which includes Unreal Engine software used by hundreds of other video games, could not may affect.

Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney had previously said that Apple’s control of its platform had made the playing field worse.

Reporting by Chavi Mehta, Ayanti Bera and Subrat Patnaik in Bengaluru; Arrangement by Krishna Chandra Eluri

Original Source © Reuters

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