Ubisoft is reportedly experiencing “exodus” from employees with abuse and creative complaints

Ubisoft is reportedly experiencing “exodus” from employees with abuse and creative complaints

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  • According to a new Axios report, Ubisoft is in the midst of a talent “outflow”, with developers leaving the studio at a speed that some of the rest of their employees have never seen before. According to the report, at least five of the top 25 Far Cry 6 credits released within three months have left Ubisoft. Twelve of the 50 best developers of Assassin’s Creed Valhara disappeared last year. It’s unclear how much these numbers deviate from the standard-experienced developers from large studio projects sometimes decide to try something new-but low-level employees Also saves themselves: Data from the business-oriented social network LinkedIn shows at least 60 employees leaving the company in the last six months from Ubisoft’s Toronto and Montreal studios. Two employees still using Ubisoft told Axios that the loss of staff was enough to slow down or stall the ongoing project, and an outside developer told Ubisoft. He said his colleague asked for game support. A studio that takes care of it. The reasons for leaving are low wages for Ubisoft’s creative leadership, “frustration”, perhaps a recent blow to NFT acceptance, increased opportunities elsewhere, and, of course, Ubisoft’s workplace that surfaced last year. Includes allegations of widespread abuse in. A recently retired developer told Axios that Ubisoft has become an “easy target for recruiters,” while another developer cites “necessary management and creative scraping” as the reason for leaving the company. .. Ubisoft admitted that turnover rates have risen, but said it was “within industry standards”, partly due to higher salaries for all employees in Canadian studios in November. According to Ubisoft Chief Human Resources Officer Anika Grant, this has increased employee retention by 50%. It’s hard to tell how bad the situation is. Income is a normal part of business, and numbers can be distorted by what is known as the Great Resignation, a phenomenon fueled by Covid 19 where US citizens have given up on record-breaking work. We also found that Ubisoft’s turnover rate is higher than Electronic Arts and Take Two, but lower than Activision, based on data provided to LinkedIn. However, one possible sign of a personnel issue at Ubisoft could have been the announcement of a remake of Splinter Cell last week, and interested developers were specifically invited to attend. It’s not uncommon in itself-the studio continues to adopt-but it was a bit strange that the project was revealed at this early stage of development where Ubisoft is still making basic design decisions. “I would like to invite anyone interested in saying that it applies to Ubisoft Toronto,” said then technical producer Peter Handlinos. “We’re building a new team, just as we did when we started the studio. We have open positions in tech leaders and roles in different occupations.” Ubisoft recently reported worse and perhaps deeper employees. Frustrated and announced that the NFT is all about it. Ubisoft Quartz’s announcement trailer dislikes up to 42,000 and only 1,700 dislikes (YouTube no longer shows disliked numbers of videos, but you can restore them using browser extensions). The French union Solidaires Informatique has made this system “useless, costly and [] ecologically humiliating.’” Guillemot is leading the way.

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