U460-ST4-4A-C by Tripp Lite A USB hub can also be used as a foldable, portable laptop stand

U460-ST4-4A-C by Tripp Lite A USB hub can also be used as a foldable, portable laptop stand

Tech Highlights:

  • OK, cool, but there are plenty of USB hubs that do that. Why is this one special? Ah, great question! As you can see from the product images above, this hub looks much different than others. You see, in addition to being a USB hub, it’s also an an adjustable, foldable, and portable laptop stand! It can prop-up your laptop on a desk or table for better screen-viewability, but also, it can fold up and go into a bag when you want to take it on a trip.

  • USB hubs are unremarkable items. Isn’t it tough to stand out in a crowd when there are so many on the market? Well, until I saw the all-new Tripp Lite U460-ST4-4A-C, I would have agreed with that assertion. What is this new product, exactly? It’s a USB hub that converts one USB-C connector into four USB-A ports on your computer. This lets you to connect many devices at the same time, such as a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, and more. This hub also contains a USB-C connector for charging through pass-through. This implies that if your laptop supports USB-C charging, this hub can connect and transmit power with just one USB-C port.

“Tripp Lite’s newest 4-port USB-C hub (model U460-ST4-4A-C) is built into an adjustable, foldable laptop stand. The attached USB-C cable connects to a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port on a laptop to create a multiport workstation. Four USB-A ports support data transfer up to 5 Gbps and share up to 15 watts for charging mobile devices. A USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port supports power output up to 100 watts for charging the source device via the device’s wall charger,” says Tripp Lite.

The Tripp Lite U460-ST4-4A-C USB-C hub can be purchased from Amazon here immediately. The current price is $54.54. While that is a strange number, it seems reasonable given the features and functionality. While I have not seen one in person, it looks solidly built and well-engineered based on the photos.

David Posner, the company’s VP of Connectivity and Peripherals explains, “Creating a comfortable place to work can be a challenge, especially outside of a traditional office. Tripp Lite’s new hub integrates peripheral support, host device charging and a laptop stand. In a single, compact unit, users have an adjustable workstation they can take anywhere.”

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