Twitter Starts testing the negative vote button on iOS

Twitter Starts testing a 'downvote' button on iOS, this is what it looks like

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  • Twitter has begun testing a new “vote” button that explains it’s not a “dislike button.” According to the company, it will test features with some iOS users to understand the types of replies that may be relevant to the conversation and then decide on the final deployment. The promotional poster for your Twitter support account will show the usual heart or like button for tweets along with the existing comment and retweet buttons. However, replies in tweets now include two new options: positive or like and negative. Each is represented by a positive vote and a negative vote. The same negative vote (read what you dislike) button for posts and replies has been postponed for a long time on Facebook, and despite adding an option to react to multiple emojis, the company hasn’t added an option yet. .. Meanwhile, video giant YouTube has been offering both favorite and disliked buttons for over a decade. Interestingly, the Alphabet-owned company launched a disliked number of tests from the platform in March of this year, but it doesn’t completely remove the option.

  • Twitter has not yet shared details about whether testers can use the down vote button on Android.

Some important notes about this experiment: 1. This is just a test for research so far. This is not a button I hate. Your negative vote is only visible to you. Voting does not change the order of replies.

Twitter adds that the negative votes haven’t been published yet and the positive votes will be shown as likes. Twitter has not yet shared details about Android availability for testers. The company reiterates that it doesn’t hate negative votes and that voting doesn’t change the order of replies. Also, the company doesn’t seem to show the number of negative votes (or dislikes). Twitter explains: “This isn’t a disliked button. In this research experiment, the Like icon is a negative vote, letting you know that the reply doesn’t seem to be related to the conversation. We want to better understand the types of replies you have made. The company also made it clear that the negative votes are not publicly available and that if someone casts a negative vote in your reply, the user will not be notified. It will be treated as a “Like” as part of this test. You will receive a notification and your reply will appear on the Likes tab. “

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) July 21, 2021

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Twitter Starts Testing Negative Vote Button on iOS

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