Tunic, a Game Pass hit, is coming to PlayStation

Tunic, a Game Pass hit, is coming to PlayStation

Tech Highlights:

  • “I used to feel like there were no secrets in this game, because I knew all of them — but now that Tunic is done, it’s so validating to see people be delighted by all the things we’ve hidden,” said Andrew Shouldice, the solo developer of the game, earlier this year.

  • Tunic, a Zelda-inspired adventure game by Finji, will be released later this year for PS5 and PS4. The game was published earlier this year for Xbox and PC as part of Xbox and PC Game Pass, and it will now be available on PlayStation platforms on September 17, according to Finji. Tunic stars a brave fox as they explore a distant region that “hidden danger around every corner,” as it was designed to mimic old action adventure games.

“There really is a lot to find, and I hope players feel the kind of wonder this game was inspired by. I’m so very proud of what we’ve created, and I can’t wait for everyone to go out there and explore.”

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