Try these tricks to free up space and not run out of space iPhone storage

Try these tricks to free up space and not run out of space iPhone storage

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  • The best way to save local storage is to invest in Cloud storage service Like Apple’s iCloud Google driveUse Box or Dropbox to offload some files. However, there are some settings that you can adjust to get the most out of your iPhone’s storage capacity.

First, check what occupies the most space on your iPhone

Make sure your iPhone is optimizing your photo storage

To maximize you iPhone Storage, you need to know what occupies Your device in the first place. Make sure you’re running out of storage so you know where to start.Release Configuration,Tap Universal Scroll down iPhone storage.. Select this option to see a breakdown of the file and media types that occupy iPhone space.

Photo When it comes to eating up iPhone space, it’s one of the biggest criminals.However iPhone settings The menu has an option to allow the device to save small photo files locally if the device is out of space rather than the original version.These full resolution photos and videos will be saved instead iCloud, You can download it as needed.To make sure this feature is turned on, first Configuration App.Then scroll down Photo Make sure there is a blue checkmark next to it Optimize iPhone storage option. Make sure your iPhone is as efficient as possible when it comes to storing media files.

Other tricks:

Save photos and videos to cloud services instead of devices
Delete apps you no longer use
Offload apps you don’t use all the time
Automatically delete old messages
Remove videos and music from the app
Clear your web browser cache

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