Trophies are available for The Legend of Dragoon on PlayStation Plus

News Summary:

  • When PS Plus first went on sale, Sony said adding trophy support for games in the Classic library would be “optional for developers.” Since then, only a select few games have featured achievements, though Super Stardust Portable was just the first to have achievements added backwards.

  • PS1 JRPG classic Today, The Legend of Dragoon with trophy support is available on PS Plus.

The majority of the 47 trophies in Legend of Dragoon are connected to the plot and include a highly sought-after platinum.

Furthermore, for those without a subscription, each of the three games can be bought separately.

The game is now accessible as part of February’s crop of new additions to the subscription service, along with other classics Wild Arms 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is priced at £4.99. The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 are priced at £7.99.

There are some games in the Classics library that can be purchased separately.

I’m particularly excited about The Legend of Dragoon’s PS Plus release because it marks the game’s digital debut in Europe.

The separate availability of a few classics, however, suggests that Sony is gradually expanding the PS Plus service.